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Roots of Tea

the special selection of 24 unique flavours

Roots of Tea selection

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Teabag explanation
01-English Breakfast Tea BIO

Strong blend of Indian organic black teas, caressing and full-bodied.

02-Rooibos Vanilla BIO

South African delicate red infusion, exalted by the sweet and delicate notes of vanilla beans.

3. Rooibos Classic BIO

Refined infusion, called Red Bush, free from caffeine.

4-Lemon Tea

Lemon flavoured black tea, grown according to organic agriculture principles.

5-White Tea

White tea is the most refined and prestigious tea in the world with its softness and its full-bodied round taste.

06-Red Fruit Tea

Harmonious blend of Indian black teas with an intense and fruity aroma.

07-Classic Green Tea BIO

Amazing green tea grown in the area of the Nilgiri plateau according to the principles of organic agriculture.

08-Mint Green Tea BIO

Indian green tea flavoured with natural essences of mint, grown according to organic agriculture principles

09-Jasmine and Vanilla Green Tea

Blend of the best high grown teas, enriched with jasmine flowers and vanilla beans.

10-Masala Green Tea

Indian flavoured green tea, made from the union of green tea with a unique herbs and spices blend.

11-Citrus Green Tea

Exceptional blend of green Indian tea with sparkling and citrus Mediterranean notes.

12-Earl Grey Green Tea

Blend of the best high grown teas scented with bergamot flavour.

13-Ginger and Lemon BIO

The spicy notes of ginger, great digestive and relaxant for abdominal muscles, meet the freshness of the citrus ones.

14-Mediterranean Infusion BIO

Hibiscus and rose hip infusion, perfect for its anti-inflammatory, digestive and depurative properties.

15-Wild Rose BIO

Organic rosehip infusion, with tonic properties, enriched with lemon notes, to enhance a long lasting pleasure and well-being.


Warm and intense forest fruit infusion, rich in antioxidan and in anti-age vitamins.

17-Red Fruit Infusion

A red fruit taste infusion, excellent to riduce cholesterol and to burn fat mass.


Infusion extraordinarily fragrant, with a velvety taste rich in fibers and vitamins.

19-Digestive BIO

Biologic flavored organic herbal tea with fennel, hibiscus and ginger: refreshing, intensely rich in minerals, with digestive and depurative properties.

20-Regularity BIO

Biological herbal tea with fennel, licorice and lemon balm: excellent to regulate the gastrointestinal tract

21-Lightness BIO

Biological organic herbal tea with a pleasant intense flavor, enhancing freshness and lightness.


Relaxing and detox herbal tea with chamomile and lemon balm with a balanced and pleasant taste, delicately flavoured.


Herbal tea with nettle and horsetail with a pleasant and delicate flavour of fennel and blackcurrant.


Herbal tea made from nettle and medicinal berries enriched with vitamins and detox properties.

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